A Baby Brand comes of age


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Baby Banz is an Australian grown international brand of high quality sunglasses, earmuffs and sun hats designed to protect children from intense ultraviolet radiation and extreme noise.

After 16 years, increasing competition from me-too offerings, cheaper, low quality imitations, and the online marketplace alongside the potential to expand to premium outlets (e.g. gift shops) prompted Brand owners, Bevan and Chris to seek Bubblefish’s help in a strategic review.


  • The business had traditionally maintained a strong product focus with little investment in brand building. The introduction of Kidz Banz for older children competed for attention with Baby Banz diluting the parent brand. Growth had traditionally been driven by colour/design variations and product extensions.  
  • The absence of any distinctive branding or eye-catching packaging limited in-store visibility and consumer appeal. Importantly, there was no emotional connection with the Mum (prime buyer) or engagement with the child.
  • The brand needed to build a gentle bond without detracting from its safety attributes.


  • Baby Banz was repositioned as BANZ Carewear for kids. The promise “Sensitive care. Sensible choice” shifted the emphasis from protection to loving care, leveraging a parent’s rational and emotional drivers. The strategy further drew inspiration from the timeless ‘Three wise monkeys’ (“See no evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no evil”) theme in a form that appealed to both buyer and user. The kids’ range was incorporated under the same name optimising the investment.
Bubblefish - Case Study -
  • “See no glare”, “Hear no blare” and “Feel no flare” became the catch cry for the repositioning platform. BANZ’s new mascots, Banzee and baby Bubzee brought the messaging to life across all touch points including the packaging, helping to establish an emotive connection with the parent while visually enticing the child in store.
  • Bold, solid typography with rounded corners reinforced the rational, emotional balance, the curvature of the letter ‘A’ illustrating the brand’s ‘protective caring’ property. A clever variation was the expanding arch of the ‘A’ suggesting the products’ stretchability to accommodate a growing child.
“See no glare”, “Hear no blare” and “Feel no flare”
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • A presentation titled More Buck for your BANZ summarising the rebrand story enabled prior buy-in from stakeholders including key trade partners. 
  • The rebrand was a runaway hit at Trade shows and channel conversations, with distributors calling it “brilliant” and new dealers expressing keen interest. A repositioned BANZ with its improved look also kindled interest among gift shops, baby stores and other premium outlets. The core brand thinking is now being adapted to the kids’ range.
  • Winner of 2018 REBRAND 100® Global Awards. Placing BANZ Carewear for Kids in the top 50 of the best in brand repositioning globally.
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