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After its humble beginnings in a small garage in Cambridge, New Zealand, Zuru Toys soon moved to China where it is now headquartered in Guangzhou - to become one of the fastest growing companies in a most fiercely competitive industry. Truly, a Toy Story success in action.

Zuru’s seamlessly integrated operations orchestrated by a cohesive workforce who enjoy strong familial bonds across borders have together helped to deliver astounding results for over a decade.

Advertised on TV over 80 countries, the business sought a marketing partner who could support in its relentless pursuit of growth.


  • Sustain the same growth momentum on an expanding base. 
  • A market environment that was as dynamic and fast paced as the toys that Zuru produces.
  • A young, savvy consumer who demands more bang for their parents’ every buck. 
  • A client who believed in pushing the boundaries.


  • Capture the magic of the product at every brand touch point.
  • Build spin off brands around individual games/toys that extended the corporate brand’s success.
Bubblefish - Case Study - Zuru Inc
  • Use scale, colour, and movement in animating the toy experience on the Zuru umbrella website.
  • Extend the theme across a range of product specific microsites and web app based games.
Truly, a Toy Story success in action
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • Zuru was able to achieve its ambitious sales/profit targets.
  • The company won a range of industry awards. The ultimate recognition came from its many picky customers - tiny tots, tweens and teens.  
  • Zuru became a buzz (no pun) word at Super toy stores, independents and boutiques around the world.
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