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Colins is a South Sydney butchery renowned for providing the highest quality meats and personalised service, for sharing expert cooking tips and DIY recipes, even home delivering orders.

Its Master Craftsman, Colin Garett has elevated butchering to an art form, from maturing the handpicked carcass to slicing and dicing, from through crumbing and marinating to boning and rolling. 

A range of over one hundred and twenty fresh meats including perfectly crafted and delightfully tasty sausages, wood smoked ham and bacon, handmade stuffings and more cater to every diet and meal preference - unlike pre-packaged meat out of a box, mostly on offer.


  • Extend the salience and equity of the Colins Butchery brand from a local community in The Shire to the more discerning, upmarket Eastern suburbs where it is virtually unknown. On the way to preparing the meat to go national.
  • The payoff was attractive but the risk also significant. 
  • The brand had to be established quickly, effectively and economically. 


  • Make Colin Garett the hero of the launch story. Leverage his personal charisma and professional excellence to portray the Butcher as the ‘Master of Meat’. The intent was to transform Colins from a local, boutique butchery to a classy meatery chain. 
  • Riding on the growing popularity of cooking shows on Reality TV, reveal the hidden Great Butcher behind every Great Chef.
Bubblefish - Case Study - Colins Butchery advertisement
  • Enable a ‘larger than life’ brand presence using localised media e.g. bus panels to create high visibility in targeted areas at very optimal cost. 
  • Lift the personality of the brand through some elegant stationery and distinctive packaging.
"A range of over one hundred and twenty fresh meats will be on display daily!" Colin Garrett
Bubblefish - Case Study
  • Colins Butchery has become the butcher to go to in all of the Eastern suburbs much like in his home Shire of South Sydney.  
  • The locals have embraced him as their own and say (with a twinkle in their eye): Hi, Colin, here we meat again!”, every time they pass him. 
  • Even with a smaller display, the ‘Master of the Meat’ butchery attracts more foot traffic than the supermarket next door.
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