Celebrating an AMI Award with bubbles and bub!!

Bubblefish - News -

Delia Suteja, Principal, Bubblefish was thrilled to be at the Australian Marketing Institute Awards for Marketing Excellence on Wednesday night with her two month old baby.

What made the occasion even more memorable was winning the top honours in the Brand Revitalisation category for the repositioning work that Bubblefish undertook for - guess what - a baby product - BANZ Carewear for kids.

It is a tribute to the untiring effort that many in the Bubblefish team in Australia and overseas put in over 12 laborious months (no pun).

Bubblefish would like to congratulate the many equally deserving Finalists, sincerely acknowledge Chris and Bevan, the brand owners for reposing their faith in a boutique brand building agency and convey our deep gratitude to the AMI and its accomplished panel of judges for making this win possible. Thank you, all!

Judges Comment: Well deserved winner of the Brand Revitalisation category lead by strong creative, business and sales strategy all working together. A role model brand revitalisation program demonstrating how a powerful brand led strategy can translate into a 360 degree business turnaround. Congratulations to the marketing team, agency and leadership for taking a bold leap of faith to propel Banz Carewear for Kids into their own "category of one".

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