From sixty seconds of instant amazement to a 60 MINUTES lead story!

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Congratulations to Bubblefish client, ZURU Toys who was recently featured on 60 Minutes in New Zealand.

This Kiwi born, China bred toy company has been making global headlines with the massive success of Bunch O Balloons the amazing device that can fill up 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds!  

We at Bubblefish are awesomely proud to have been picked by ZURU’s owners and Mowbray siblings (Nick, Mat and Anna) to overhaul ZURU’s web presence (please click here for the Bubblefish case study) around the time their first super toy, Robo Fish was making waves around the world.    

From amateur hot air balloons which lifted the young Kiwis from Cambridge, a country town in New Zealand to China …. now to water balloons that have boosted their fortunes beyond Robo Fish, this has been a gobsmacking Toy Story that could eclipse the original!  

We wish ZURU more success!

You can watch the 18-minute clip here

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