From Social Media Star to Top Paid App!

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Having recently launched the Hippie Lane app earlier this year, we are so happy to see it getting all the success it deserves.

Upon its launch, the Hippie Lane app became one of the top 25 paid apps, as well as being the number 1 paid app in the Food and Drink category. Not too bad! The app was praised for its intuitive navigation and layout, as well as for its beautiful photography. But no amount of beautiful presentation could save a recipe app if it weren't for one thing - the recipes! The recipes in the app are plentiful, delicious and mouth watering. Each recipe is organised neatly in their respective recipe packs. But just as important, all these treats cater to the health-conscious and people who have certain restrictions, with each recipe containing clear labelling.

Hippie Lane is a trendy recipe app designed to empower health-conscious people to make thoughtful recipe choices. The stylish app features a selection of highly sought after sweet treat recipes that are 100% vegan and free of gluten, refined sugar, dairy and genetically modified ingredients. 

Consisting of 50+ quality recipes and hip video demos, along with thoughtful digital features and inclusions, this app is one to brag about. Each recipe has been developed with your health at heart, consisting of ingredients that are natural and unprocessed. Why? To ensure that each recipe is full of nutrients that work towards your optimal health and wellbeing. The perfect choice for people who want their sweet treat without the guilt.

As an accompaniment to the award winning app, there is also Hippie Lane creator Taline Gabriel's updated instagram account. No doubt owing to the growing interest in her unique vegan creations gorgeously captured in a refreshed edgy brand style, Taline's Instagram following blew up from 43K followers to 154K. So popular had Taline and Hippie Lane become, that regular media outlets like The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail had pieces written about the phenomenon, dubbing her "insta-famous". 

Whether you are an experienced baker, a rookie in raw treat making or someone looking to dabble into a healthier eating lifestyle, the Hippie Lane app has you covered! With breathtaking photography and creative spins on classic treats including the mars, twix, bounty and cherry ripe, you will be surprised at the how tasty, fulfilling and easy healthy can be.

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