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Winning repositioning gig for international group 3SiL will bring positive change to Ghana

Travelling 26 hours halfway around the world to land in sun-soaked Ghana was an experience of a lifetime for the Bubblefish team. As founder of Bubblefish, I travelled to the capital city of Accra with Mahesh Enjeti, our Marketing Advisor, as guests of Strategic Security Systems International Limited (3SiL), an independent and fast diversifying services conglomerate in Ghana. We have been retained by 3SiL to create and implement a brand architecture project for the company, initially focussing on its solar products division. The week-long orientation would help us create a comprehensive brand architecture framework by reviewing the company’s operations in situ. For me personally, this trip signified more than simply winning the 3SiL account and working on an exciting project; it was the opportunity of coming up close and personal to a major security and solar products company that is committed to the cause of building Ghana, as well as experiencing first hand, a rare glimpse into the lives of its enterprising citizens and the charm of this amazing country.

Ghana is a rapidly developing West African nation, and 3SiL’s involvement in the renewable energy sector means using the one source of natural energy – sunlight – which the country has in abundance, for the betterment of its citizens. Following approval from the government, 3SiL is building solar power street and home lighting in rural and remote areas, thus improving the quality of living. Mahesh and I visited a number of villages around the capital city of Accra, which were already enjoying the benefits of solar power. It’s amazing how having electricity has transformed the lives of people in these villages, particularly after sundown! Families were spending more time together, children had more time to study and play, and the villagers could meet as a community to conduct social events. It was fantastic to see the positive change that 3SiL had brought about to so many villages. The experience was both enlightening and enriching. As a brand building professional, I know that the Bubblefish team has a challenging task ahead, as the strategy includes thinking brands from a grassroots level. Although 3SiL is a leader in security and solar lighting systems, Bubblefish have been retained to review their existing brand architecture for the whole business as the company diversifies into new areas. The project will include a broad spectrum of activities such as branding of various new ventures/products and services, experiential strategy, integrated campaigns and the use of technology.

3SiL is a long-established group, and its solar products division is just one of the company’s many interests. Our first task is to consider rebranding across all the businesses within the group, not just for its solar products division. Also, 3SiL is proud of its company values and rich cultural heritage and this needs to be reflected in its brand expression, sales and marketing collateral and its online presence. Trying to find the delicate balance between the traditional and the modern is always a tricky task. 3SIL’s aim is to eventually progress into international markets, so the brief expands to include this aspect as well. The opportunity is an exciting one for us because its much more than a simple rebranding exercise – we will be developing an overarching strategy for the business that will also help in building Ghana. The brief reflects what we do best at Bubblefish, which is offering a holistic solution through our trademark Bubblefish Ladder, is the foundation of our agency’s strategic framework and the core of our vision, mission and promise. Our proprietary methodology combines strategy with creativity and works towards one singular purpose, scaling up our client’s business, which is our core brand promise. As Mahesh avers, “Our trip to Ghana was the first step on the ladder, understanding the context of their business. We are now on the second step, analysing issues and working towards step three, crafting solutions in which we converge strategic vision with creative thinking to arrive at tangible design/content solutions that effectively address the brief. Our fourth and final step will be about articulating how the client can leverage these solutions to build their brand and grow their business, profitably and purposefully.” Mahesh always has a succinct way with words!

So why, you may ask, is this project so special for Bubblefish? Because in 3SiL we see true potential and a passionate zeal to build Ghana into an economically prosperous country, while bringing much needed development to rural areas. The effort is as huge as the challenge, but it is also very satisfying to be a part of this landmark venture that aims to reach needy villages in Ghana and other parts of Western Africa. I reflect the attitude of the entire Bubblefish when saying that we are happy for the opportunity to use our expertise in this special project that aims to make a real difference to the lives of millions.

We are working furiously to present a comprehensive and consolidated strategy which we hope, will put 3SiL prominently on the West African map and beyond.

As a ten year old, established creative brand building agency, with a sound reputation having successfully delivered over 200 brands in food & beverages, consumer goods, retail, real estate, health & beauty, resources and travel & tourism, we have the expertise, commitment and determination to do our part in delivering a successful outcome for this project. We have an impressive portfolio of brand building success stories – Laba Laba Leather Repairs and Meating Point are among these; and 3SiL will soon feature on this list.

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