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Bubblefish has turned 10

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Bubblefish’s ever increasing laps. From a fledgling two person creative hotshop to a seasoned creative brand building agency. With over two hundred bustling brands under our fins and clients from across three continents.

In celebrating this milestone, we wanted to pause and sincerely thank all our invaluable clients, past and present, for making this journey exciting and mutually rewarding. Thank you especially for your trust in us and our ability to add value to your brands.

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Every brand building project, big or small, that we undertook over the past 10 years had one overarching mission – help grow our client’s business.   

We worked at understanding your business, appreciating your market context, and developing a sound strategy before attempting to come up with any creative solution. An approach that set us apart from our competition and consistently delivered increasing results. “Scaling up your business” thus became our promise to clients and purpose for us.

How We Do It

10/10 TEAM

We also owe our success to our very talented team, part of a lean, modular structure that provides diversity and depth.

Designers who can work across many platforms (including store fronts), techies who actually get business, strategists who can tackle tough challenges, marketers who are able to drive new demand, and professionals who can offer expert advice in specialist disciplines. 

Our Talent

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