What makes us a different kettle of fish?

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Clients and prospects often ask us “What is Bubblefish?”. 

When we say we are creative brand builders, there are more questions, including: Are you a graphic design studio, an ad agency or an event company staging brand experiences?

Frankly, we are none of the above. Although we are often doing some of the work that each of them offers.  

So, how is Bubblefish different? It is not what we do but how we do it that really defines our difference. Everything we create - whether it’s a brand’s web presence, packaging, retail storefront, customer experience, mobile app or Instagram persona - is designed to profitably drive our client’s business, now and into the future. Something that many promise but few deliver.

Creativity by design not accident

We blend strategy and creativity to produce game changing branding solutions. Reason, we think of strategy and creativity as two sides of the same coin. Creativity must have a purpose if it has to sell. So also, strategy must be creative if it needs to be different.  

Our work is distinctly creative but also anchored to sound strategy. Our strategy stems from deep dive questioning and robust analysis but is equally imaginative. We believe to be able to build a brand, strategy and creativity must come together, seamlessly and fluently. Something we are really good at.

Strategy driven by intent not chance

How is Bubblefish able to deliver on our promise of “Scaling up your business”, each time, every time? Here’s our precious, BIG trade secret.

When we receive a client’s brief, we look at it with only one task in mind. How can we help grow this business, gainfully and sustainably? Until we are able to address this question comprehensively (which requires a thorough understanding of the product, market and target consumer), we don’t even think or talk about communication. A process captured in our Bubblefish Ladder methodology. 

Brand is the business; business is the brand

If we know how to build a business, we can figure out how to build its brand. Because “the Brand is the business”. What we do to the business impacts on its brand and what we do to the brand has a bearing on the business. Once we have this understanding, everything falls into place. It is no surprise therefore that the brands we build are also the businesses we help scale up.

The many successful brand stories showcased in our portfolio are a living testimony.

Now you know why we are a different kettle of fish.  

By Mahesh Enjeti, Advisor, Bubblefish

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