A proprietary methodology that works.

The designs we develop, the campaigns we create, the products we promote, and the brands we build all work towards one singular purpose: Scaling up your business which is our core brand promise.


Our methodology derives its inspiration from the fish ladder, a uniquely designed structure that allows fish to reach higher levels (e.g. go over a dam, culvert or waterfall), step by step. Importantly, it assists the fish to negotiate obstacles and leap through opposing currents.

Much the same way, our Bubblefish Ladder™ provides a framework to enable businesses to swim against the tide and grow to new levels, overcoming competitive forces and tough economic conditions along the way.


We employ our own home-grown thinking process, the Bubblefish Ladder™ to be able to consistently deliver on this.

We begin with a thorough understanding of the context of your business, what stage of the growth cycle you are at, the barriers that might limit your potential. We then devise fresh ways to scale up your performance step by bigger step.

Keen for your brands to make a splash?

You are invited to email us at brands@bubblefish.com.au or simply connect on Social Media. We’ll paddle over to you when you are ready.