A seamless blend of the logic of strategy and the magic of creativity.

Bubblefish - About - Delia Suteja
Principal/Brand Builder

Delia Suteja

Delia heads the Bubblefish school. She creates designs and builds brands. Her entrepreneurial zeal and creative direction have helped launch many brands and lift their fortunes. Delia’s belief that creativity must be ‘designed’ to drive business results has transformed Bubblefish from being a graphic services provider to a creative brand building agency with an enviable track record of delivering bottom line success.

Bubblefish - About - Mahesh Enjeti
Brand Advisor

Mahesh Enjeti

Mahesh is associated with our think tank (aptly labelled the Bubblefish big pond) as an Advisor. A marketing maven with decades of corporate experience overseeing iconic global brands, Mahesh is also a high level strategist who has built brands that are purposeful and profitable across businesses as diverse as consumer products, education, financial services, health, real estate, technology, tourism, utilities, and wine.

Bubblefish - About - Michael Cossetto
Legal Counsel

Michael Cossetto

Michael heads up the Corporate and Commercial Group at a reputed Sydney law firm. As Bubblefish's Brand Guardian, he helps protect our clients’ brand assets. A digitally literate and business savvy lawyer, Michael believes that a secure IP is the foundation of robust brand building. His rich expertise and experience in IP, Consumer Law, Privacy, Licensing, Distribution and Service Level Agreements have safeguarded the value of a range of products and services.

Bubblefish - About - Stan Steinly

Stan Steinly

The unique way Stanley spells his name is a clue to his instinctive creative spirit. Trained as a designer, Stan has spent years practising his skill in every form – photography, fashion, interiors, advertising, media and entertainment. Today, he applies his design thinking and efficient creative direction in managing operations and growing businesses across Asia Pacific. At Bubblefish, Stan will help acquire new clients and source global talent while continuing to offer the benefit of his high-level operational expertise and UX/UI perspective.
Bubblefish - About - Bernadette Bucalon
Designer Problem Solver

Bernadette Bucalon

Bernadette is our budding Brand builder, well on her way to perfecting the diverse design skills she acquired as a Visual Communication (First Class Hons.) Graduate at University of Technology Sydney. Whether illustrating, creating typography, refining UX, designing a logo or even writing a blog, Bernadette is first a problem-solver, always an eager learner.
Bubblefish - About - Susanto Widjaja
Celluloid Wizard

Susanto Widjaja

Susanto is a master storyteller. He weaves magic with his films, bringing people to life and imbuing soul into companies. A master’s in digital media from Sydney Uni, Susanto is a winner of many national awards, an international ambassador for the industry, and a much sought-after storytelling coach. All of his works celebrate Susanto’s style and sensibility, marrying the medium with the message. His impressive portfolio includes Bellamy's Organic, Tourism Australia and Transport NSW.
Bubblefish - About - Wenny Arief
Spatial Strategist

Wenny Arief

Wenny is a ‘space’ scientist and artist rolled into one. She responds to a client's brand vision with evocative built environments that instantly resonate with the consumer. Wenny brings with her excellent design skills and over 12 years’ experience in branding and retail execution that allow her to create store spaces which blend business needs with aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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